Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When I Die

The funeral of Ted Kennedy and some other things that have happened in my life recently have made me stop and think. So I write this to my family, friends, and all those who care about me. Please, please, when I die, do not canonize me! Pray for me. I will, at that time, more than ever, need your prayers. If, by some stretch of the imagination, you imagine me to be a new saint in heaven on that day I pray to God you will stop and reflect on what I am telling you now. It is not true! You don't know that! I am not calling myself a monster. I am not suggesting that I have done horrible things, that there are skeletons hiding in my closet. But I am not a saint. I will need prayers. And on the day I die the worst possible betrayal that anybody could come up with is to assume that I am in heaven. Instead, pray with all your heart that I might be. Offer up that one last prayer, sacrifice, or mass that I might get that one last grace that I needed to slip through the door. Who knows? Maybe it will be that one last Hail Mary or Miserere that you pray for me that helps me retroactively to avoid mortal sin and die in a state of grace.

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