Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should Stupid Opinions be Tolerated?

I, for my part, do not think stupid opinions should be tolerated. I think the people who have stupid opinions should be tolerated but their stupid opinions should be discarded and disregarded. The person has value. The person should always be respected and tolerated because of the dignity that is inherent in every human being. That can never be compromised. Opinions only have value in so far as they represent the truth. If an opinion is false or silly it should not be respected in so far as it is false or silly. If it contains some grain of truth it should only be recognized for the grain of truth that it has.

Take for example the case of Miss USA runner up Carrie Prejean. One side of this debate has a legitimate truth to defend and the other side does not. One side is defending a falsehood and promoting a falsehood whereas the other side is defending and promoting the truth. So Carrie is right in her "opinion" about marriage, but she is wrong that every "opinion" should be respected and tolerated.